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6 Of The Best Parts Of Owning A Dog

The list goes on and on, but here are some of the best parts.

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1. You have a dedicated partner for all of life’s adventures.

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Road tripping to another state? Traveling a few blocks over? Hiking a local nature trail or a mountain far away? No matter what you feel like pursuing or where you feel like going, you know you’ll always have your dog to accompany you on your adventure.

2. You’ll never be lonely.


Having a dog means having a live-in best friend. Whether you’re spending the night at home alone binge watching Netflix or laying in bed upset, you’re never truly by yourself -- chances are he or she will be right there to cuddle you, watch those shows with you, or lick your tears away.

3. That rewarding feeling of taking care of something/someone.

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Seeing everyone getting married and having babies can be bittersweet. But who needs babies or significant others when you have a pet? (Kidding not kidding…) Giving your dog a life of love, adventure, and comfort is such a rewarding feeling.

4. Never needing a gym membership.

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Owning a dog means you don’t need a gym membership. Walking your dog, skating with your dog, going for a run, playing catch -- there are so many opportunities to get your daily exercise

in a fun and loving way when you have a dog. It’s way easier to stay motivated and keep in shape when you have a pet who needs to stay just as active as you do.

5. Sharing a healthy lifestyle.


Want to adopt a healthier lifestyle? You don’t need to wait for a friend to go through the motions with you. Your dog is the perfect companion to share a healthy lifestyle with. From exercise and fitness to ditching processed foods and eating clean, you can both get on the health track together. Knowing you and your pup are living a healthy, happy lifestyle makes it all worth it.

6. Building an unbreakable bond of unconditional love that will last forever.


Through thick and thin, happiness and sadness, and everything else in between, your dog is there for you no matter what. As long as your dog is around, you will always have a best friend and a soulmate who’s there for you, loves you, and supports you when it feels like no one else will.

What’s your favorite part about owning a dog? Share in the comments below!

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