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A 90s Kid's Perfect Summer Day

Even if it may not feel like it yet, summer is just around the corner! Whatever your summer plans are, be they vacationing at a tropical resort or staying home and binge-watching Netflix, there's no way they can compare to the awesomeness that defined your summer vacations in the 90s.

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punnylittlepiggy / Via

Or maybe your 'fridge was stocked with something slightly more healthy.

Now that your little bellies are full, you and your crew head back outside. By now, it's HOT out!! You know what that means, right??

Arden Prucha / Via Flickr: ardenprucha

Slip n Slide!!! Or the sprinkler. Or your inflatable kiddy pool. Or whatever watery fun you could think up if you weren't lucky enough to have an actual pool in your backyard.

Well, that was fun! But now you're wet and tired and would really like to put on some dry clothes and bask in the AC. So, you consult your trusty VCR collection.

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Eventually, your mom catches you playing indoors for too long and kicks you back outside to "enjoy the nice weather." So you wander into you garage and pull out a few toys...

The possibilities are pretty much endless. At this point, you're feeling pretty worn out though and it's about time for your friends to go home, so you end with a nice relaxing activity like sidewalk chalk.

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