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20 Foodie Finds For The Non-Foodie Foodie

What's a non-foodie foodie, you ask? Besides being a paradox, a non-foodie foodie is the person who loves food of all kinds without being pretentious in their food expertise. The non-foodie foodie would go for a bowl of mac and cheese over caviar any day and is always looking for the the fun and simple way to enjoy delicious food. No frills about it! Enjoy, non-foodie foodies!

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19. S'mores Maker: $24.95

Plow & Hearth / Via

S'mores around the campfire doesn't have to be just a summer and early fall activity! Bring the fun of making s'mores into your home anytime of year with this s'mores maker from Plow & Hearth. Buy here.

20. Globe Snack Dispenser: $29.95

Plow & Hearth / Via

Like the old-fashioned gumball machines you used to beg your parents for a quarter for as a kid, except you can fill it with whatever you want and it won't cost you a thing (well, you'll have to buy the stuff to put in there...but that's beside the point). Get it here.

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