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    The Top 20 Male Tennis Players, Ranked By Hotness

    In honor of the US Open, a ranking of the top 20 male tennis players in the world by that most important of all criteria: hotness.

    21. Kevin Anderson

    AP / Via!/image/1453841181.jpg

    I... yeah.

    20. Roberto Bautista Agut


    The thing is, most of the photos looked pretty much exactly like this.

    19. Milos Raonic

    SportsNet / Via

    This dude looks alternately like a serial killer or the really annoying kid from your biology class who talked way too much about the particulars of fetal pig dissection. I'M SURE HE'S A VERY NICE YOUNG MAN but he also looks like a serial killer. His hair has, at least, improved since this photo was taken. (Third suggested Google search term: "hair.")

    18. Rafael Nadal While Playing Tennis


    I mean, this is just not good.

    17. Ernests Gulbis

    EPA / Via

    And the sequel.

    16. Novak Djokovic


    I mean, what is going on here? Why does his hair look like that? Is there literally no other way it can be cut? Does it just grow, helmetlike, from his skull, to be tamed by no man? This dude looks like a Disney villain. Also, he is clearly crazy. Like, I love the dude, but he is nuts. He speaks like 17 languages and also owns the world's entire supply of donkey cheese. Seriously.

    On the other hand, he looks really good without a shirt, so, you know, it's kind of a draw.

    15. Richard Gasquet


    I don't know whether he has made it past his backwards baseball cap phase; I have not seen him play recently. I do not care. There are situations in which a backwards baseball cap is appropriate: I am from Boston. I know. A Lacoste baseball cap on a tennis court at a grand slam is NOT ONE OF THEM. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT $200.

    14. Kei Nishikori

    Uniqlo / Via

    I am mostly fixated on the fact that this dude is the #10 seed and I have never heard of him in my life. How has this happened. Where has he been hiding. What is going on. Anyway, he kind of looks like he's 17, but is in fact 24, apparently. This photo exists, which is exactly why I am happy to not be a professional athlete.

    13. Roger Federer

    AAP: Dave Hunt / Via

    He is so graceful. He is so carefully styled. His hair is so perfectly feathered. And yet his face is... not... great... I'm sorry, Roger. LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE IS GOING FOR YOU, SO YOU ARE PROBABLY FINE.

    12. Tommy Robredo


    I have nothing to say about this man. He is a completely normal-looking person. He even has a normal haircut now, which did not use to be the case.

    11. Andy Murray


    In a display of extremely blatant favoritism, I worked long and hard to find a photo of Andy Murray in which he actually looks quite nice. This was difficult. Having spent endless hours of my life looking at him heaping abuse upon himself on the tennis court, recently in person, I can confidently say that he photographs unfairly badly. The Google image archive is not good, although the second and fourth related search terms were "six pack" and "muscles" (third: girlfriend), so, you know, people clearly know where it's at.

    I don't care. I am playing favorites. He is really into women's tennis and one time on the way to Wimbledon he stopped driving to save a lost dog. DEAL WITH IT.

    10. David Ferrer



    9. John Isner / Via

    Isner also intermittently suffers from Backwards Baseball Cap-itis, but unlike Gasquet he is at least a Red-Blooded American Male, and therefore looks considerably less stupid doing so. (AT LEAST DON'T DO THAT AT WIMBLEDON. I MEAN. PEOPLE.) He is pretty cute! He is also SO TALL. HE IS SO TALL. He is six-foot-ten. I hate to say it, but I think this is actually Too Tall. Yes, this is possible.

    8. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga


    I mean, look at this dude. What's not to like. HE'S SO HAPPY. Except, you know, when he's... losing.

    7. Marin Cilic


    Why is everyone on the tour a Disney villain all of the sudden. Why is this happening.

    6. Juan Martin Del Potro

    Getty Images Matthew Stockman / Via

    I don't actually remember the last time I saw this dude play, he has been so injured, so often. And his face is pretty weird. But he's so big and endearing and exudes "good boyfriend material," completely irrespective of whether this would, in fact, be the case, so I'm inclined to be generous.

    5. Stanislas Wawrinka


    He's just cute. He is a cutie. He has a Beckett quote tattooed on his arm and his nickname is Stan the Man. There are also a lot of photos of him gazing homoerotically at other tennis players coming up on this Google search, which I appreciate.

    4. Tomas Berdych


    LOOK AT THAT NICE-LOOKING GENTLEMAN. What a breath of fresh air. Also because I somehow actually know this: dude really could not look more Czech. His countrymen must be very proud, though I am sure they would be regardless.

    3. Fabio Fognini


    Italians, amirite.

    On the other hand: SHAVE.

    2. Grigor Dimitrov

    Getty Images / Via

    This dude is dating Maria Sharapova. Do you know why? I mean probably it is because of what I assume are his many winning personal characteristics, but also, BECAUSE HE IS A DREAMBOAT.

    1. Rafael Nadal While Not Playing Tennis



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