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You Know Last Night Was A Good Night When... College Edition

The epitome of a goodnight #BUZZFEEDCOLLEGEWEEK

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The Legendary Snap / Via

When You Don't Remember Any Of Your Snapchat Story But The Story Was Legendary.

Campus Celebrity

@superdeluxe / Via

When Someone Posted You On The Campus Story

The Judgmental

Justin Garbett / Via

When Strangers Judge Your Friends For Allowing You To Get This Drunk

Clubbing Dress or Pajamas / Via

When You Wake Up In The Same Outfit From The Night Before

Sorry Not Sorry / Via

When You Have To Send Apology Texts Out In The Morning

Friendship Over For The Weekend / Via

When None Of Your Friends Want To Be Your Friend Anymore

Drunk Texting

Morgan DeChalus

When Your Friends Have To Stop You From Contacting Your Ex

BFF / Via

When You Made three Best friends In The Bathroom But Can't Remember Any Of Their Names.

Say What? / Via

When The Last Thing You Remember Is Getting Dressed

The Emotions / Via

When You Laughed Cried and Threw Up All In The Same Night.

Nighty Night / Via

When You Order Dominos and Fall Asleep Before the Delivery Man Comes

The Hangover Breakfast / Via

When Breakfast Has Never Tasted So Good The Next Morning

Never Again

@SuperDeluxe / Via

When You Swear You're Giving Up Alcohol For The Rest Of Your Life

Bayerischer Rundfunk / Via

But Then You Realize You're Drinking Right Now

Sunglasses and Advil

BET / Via

And Drinking Is The Only Way To Cure A Hangover

Cheers To Being More Lit / Via

And Do It All Over Again Next Weekend

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