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    • morgand4

      Okay so here’s why the Republic Party continuously fails to outreach to minorities. Creating a figurehead to “outreach” to us is not addressing the key policy issues that marginalize minorities…i.e. voter suppression, immigration, etc. Also — this is the party that can’t go a week without one of it’s members makes some disgustingly racist comment and later refuses to apologizes for it (see Rep. Don Young from Arkansas for this week’s disgusting comment).  When you have your Don Youngs of the party calling Hispanics “wetbacks” publicly, then refusing to apologize, this is when I begin to question the validity of all these new minority RISING STARS within the party. Um…where’s the outrage from Marco Rubio?
      Mia Love?
      Juan Williams? Oh— right… *sigh* they said nothing. People, especially your minority constituents remember incidents like this. Do better Republicans. It’s not that all minorities are brainwashed into being liberals, I can name a number of minorities that are deeply upset with the direction that the Democratic Party is going. I’m not one of them, but I can tell you there is definitely room to win over minorities. But right now— Republicans are doing a TERRIBLE job at presenting a reasonable alternative.

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