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Loving Someone With Bipolar Disorder

You cannot fix us. Be patient. Love us. Support us.

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I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder four years ago and it’s been quite the emotional roller coaster.

First, I’d like to commend those who have opened their hearts to me. You’ve helped me release some bomb neurotransmitters and as a result, I’ve found a love greater than life itself….but it hasn’t always been easy.

Instead of writing a novel, I’ve created a bullet list of some of the most common, insightful and utterly annoying characteristics you might find when trying to love someone struggling with bipolar disorder.

1. We're Painfully Indecisive / Via

We want to please everyone. I mean EVERYONE. This can often lead to indecisiveness, fearing that our opinion will not garner support. Wanting to please everyone comes in the form of flattery, gifts, gestures, etc. With that pleasing comes the need to be acknowledged and when we’re not acknowledged, we spiral in to a pit of despair. So acknowledge, people (shakes finger in your face).

2. We Overanalyze EVERYTHING / Via

We overanalyze situations and jump the gun. It’s 10:00pm on a Sunday, Bipolar Betty hasn’t heard from her boyfriend Stable Sam. Bipolar Betty immediately assumes the worst. Is Stable Sam dead? Could Stable Sam be involved in a multi vehicle pile up? Or is Stable Sam simply preoccupied with studying, a movie, or driving? We’re always going to assume the worst so please, give us some type of reassurance and be patient.

3. We're Creative AF

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We’re creative AF (at least during states of hypomania and mania). However, this creativity is far from glamorous. When we’re creative, our productivity is at an all time high and we act like we can conquer the world! This creativity can be beautiful, as we discard the nuisances and escape in to a parallel universe; dissecting the origins of life, the whos, whats, and whys, and zeroing in on our intellectual strengths and abilities.

4. We're Either Insecure Or Overly Confident

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We’re either insecure or overly confident (meds usually take care of these extremes). These insecurities plague our minds and eat us alive. It’s all we talk about. “I’m not smart, I’m fat, I’ll never look like I used to, my dress doesn’t fit, I’m a failure.” Feel free to tune us out…but before you do, prepare yourself for the confidence to roll in. “I look so good, my highlight is on point, wow-my skin is flawless, this lip color looks incredible on me.” Again, meds usually take care of these extremes.

5. We Blame Ourselves / Via

We blame ourselves when we’re not always the one to blame. “It’s not your fault, it’s mine. I MUST have done something wrong.”

6. We Think Our Presence Is A Bother

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We think that our presence is a bother.

7. We're Overdramatic

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We’re overdramatic. I’ll just leave it at that.

8. We Can Empathize With Others


We have this uncanny ability to empathize with others. Maybe it’s because of our ability to feel….feel sad, feel happy, feel compassion, feel love, feel loss, and see things from a more critical lens than most.

9. Sometimes We Just Want To Stay In And Eat Our Feelings / Via

Sometimes we just want to stay in and wallow in self-pity and pizza rolls.

10. We Think Irrationally

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We tend to think irrationally and can sometimes make devastating life decisions when we're manic...including lashing out at our loved ones. Our illness is not your fault. Please, be patient, be kind and know that this manic episode will pass. Remember, you cannot fix us. Sit down and encourage us to seek treatment, offer to give us medication reminders, and with our permission-ask if you can go along to health care appointments to offer additional support.

11. We Love Hard

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Lastly, we love hard and give relationships 110%. This can be any type of relationship-friends, family, significant others. This intensity can oftentimes make others feel uncomfortable but I swear it’s sincere.

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