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8 Things You Might Have Missed In Bad Blood

Taylor Swift's star studded video had so many brilliant moments. Just in case you haven't already broken the replay button, here are the eight things you might have missed the first time around.

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2. The good guys have an English Bulldog

Taylor Swift

It would be easy to be distracted by GiGi Hadid's "Slay-Z" shooting razor blades from her compact, but I'm more interested in the purpose of the bulldog.

7. These girls know how to accessorise

Taylor Swift

Whether it be Cara Delevigne aka Mother Chucker wielding an awesome handbag/nunchuck combo, Selena Gomez's Arsyn using powder as a kind of pepper spray, or Slay-Z's wicked compact ninja stars, the women of Bad Blood know how to weaponise their fashion.

8. Girl Power

Taylor Swift

Apart from Kendrick Lamar riding shotgun as Welvin Da Great and a few men getting their asses kicked in the first scene, T-Swizzle's entire cast is made of strong, badass fighter women. And it's amazing.

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