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8 Things Parents Of Kids With ADHD Are Tired Of Hearing

ADHD is a very complex disorder that can be easily misunderstood, and parents of children with ADHD have to deal with misunderstandings frequently. Whether you are touched by ADHD or not, learn the facts at

1. "They're just super energetic!"

Little girl in pink dress jumping on bed

2. "Maybe you should try a different parenting style."

Father holding up young son on basketball court

3. "Maybe the sugar in their diet is causing it."

4. "They'll grow out of it."

Young woman rubbing forehead while working on laptop

5. "They're just a little behind."

Young boy playing with a puzzle on bedroom floor

6. "At least they don't have something more serious going on."

Mother hugging sad daughter

7. "They don't act like other kids I've seen with ADHD."

Mother using tablet with two young sons on couch

8. "You must just be exhausted all the time!"

Mother hugging young son on couch

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Ensure you are fully informed about ADHD before speaking about it to parents or anyone else in your life. Get the facts at