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The Ultimate Guide To Not Being A Shitty Human

These illustrations make it pretty impossible to be shitty.

1. Give up your seat.

2. Look up.

3. Treat people like people.

4. Please, call your parents.

5. Never show up empty-handed.

6. Listen.

7. Be generous.

8. Practice empathy.

9. Check your labels.

10. Go to that rally or protest — don’t just post about it.

11. Leave a smaller mark.

12. Share your time.

13. Do your best.

No one actually wants to be shitty. Reminding yourself that what you do has an impact can make a huge difference. Check out More of This™ for more memes, stories, and reminders on how we can all live our best lives, even on those days when we feel like we just can't.

All illustrations by Lyla Ribot / © BuzzFeed