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The Ultimate Guide To Not Being A Shitty Human

These illustrations make it pretty impossible to be shitty.

1. Give up your seat.

Not only will you make someone’s day but for the next few minutes at least, those around you will think of you as a public transportation hero. Score.

2. Look up.

No one likes a textdestrian. Especially when you run into them head-on. When you look up, you might even notice how pretty the world is.

3. Treat people like people.

Leave the larger tip. Say “thank you so much.” Make more eye contact. Hug someone who needs it.

4. Please, call your parents.

They love you and they made you, so they miss you. And don’t just answer their questions about how you’re doing. Ask them detailed questions about what’s going on in their lives.

5. Never show up empty-handed.

Going to a friend’s house? Bring something. This, like karma, will result in more chilled white wine in your fridge the next time you host.

6. Listen.

Don’t just wait for your turn to speak. And if someone needs a shoulder to cry on, give it to them, even if that sort of thing makes you uncomfy. Being stingy with your emotions isn’t cute.

7. Be generous.

Serve others before you serve yourself. And share! Even if you’re scrounging ‘til payday, you’ve got more to give than you know.

8. Practice empathy.

Appreciate people of all races, religions, sexualities, and genders. Get to know someone who lives a life completely different from yours. And challenge your friends if they say shitty things about someone for any of the aforementioned reasons.

9. Check your labels.

That cute blouse you just bought might have cost more than what you paid for it.

10. Go to that rally or protest — don’t just post about it.

Armchair activism doesn't affect change. It also won't change your life, and doing something in your community just might.

11. Leave a smaller mark.

From turning the lights off to recycling, do your best to make a change. The scary stuff isn’t just in the future anymore. It’s happening.

12. Share your time.

Big Brothers Big Sisters, a shelter, a clinic, a garden, a hotline... They all need volunteers to help make things better. And helping them out has a ripple effect.

13. Do your best.

Sometimes it comes easily; sometimes it takes intentional effort. But being good to yourself and others always has a positive impact on the world around you.

No one actually wants to be shitty. Reminding yourself that what you do has an impact can make a huge difference. Check out More of This™ for more memes, stories, and reminders on how we can all live our best lives, even on those days when we feel like we just can't.

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All illustrations by Lyla Ribot / © BuzzFeed