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11 Things That Take More Time Than Voting

From the time you enter the booth to the time you leave, it's, what, 30 seconds?

1. Picking which extremely over-the-top movie to stream

2. Eating a whole burrito

3. Actually brushing your teeth for the amount of time your dentist recommends

4. Embarrassing yourself at an adult dinner party

5. Deciding whether to follow back your terrible former college roommate on Instagram

6. Unraveling your earbuds

7. Breaking up with an internet fling

8. Zoning out while your friend talks about his marathon times

9. Trying to tell if someone is wearing a Trump hat "ironically" or...

10. Getting the RIDICULOUSLY catchy chorus from “Stitches” stuck in your head

11. Coming up with a hot take on social media

So the act of voting actually takes LESS time than pretty much everything you do every day. So what's your excuse not to do it? Visit More of This™ to learn more.