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11 Things No One Misses About The '90s

We as millennials are required by law to worship the '90s, but we're glad some things have changed.

1. Being asked "smoking or non-smoking?" when you walk into a restaurant.

2. Those crappy incandescent lightbulbs that were horrible for the environment.

3. Our parents didn't always have sick days.

4. EVERYTHING had to be saved onto a floppy disk.

5. Way fewer people were graduating from college.

6. Our diets were organized into pyramids.

7. Everyone was disturbingly all right with drinking and driving.

8. We read books on paper.

9. Worldwide, sanitation was a lot worse.

10. Extreme poverty was almost twice as bad.

11. And of course, we forget that during the '90s, none of us were obsessed with the '90s.

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