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What's The Strangest Way You've Lost A Tooth?

Because you just couldn't help whistling in your sleep.

Losing your teeth is a part of growing up.

barneymoss / Flickr: barneymoss / Creative Commons

Your body naturally sheds those weak baby teeth to make way for strong adult teeth.

Columbia Pictures /

But sometimes, your teeth don't naturally fall out.

Sometimes, they need a little assistance.

You might have knocked them out while playing sports.

Perhaps you were eating a tasty meal and felt something suddenly missing.

Maybe you did a little DIY and pulled one out yourself in an unusual way.

Or you might not even remember how you lost it.

Warner Bros. /

So we want to know: How did you get that gap-toothed grin?

Tell us in the comments below and your answer could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!

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