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26 Of The Most Ridiculous Things Overheard At York

"If you think like a duck, you can be a duck." H/T Overheard in York.

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2. While pointing at a Grade I listed parish church:

"I like York, but it's a bit old-fashioned."

4. This opportunistic student:

"I just want to sled down Clifford's Tower, I don't care if it's anti-Semitic!"


6. These hopefully not fatal, last words:

"I mean, they say, 'Don't feed the geese', but what harm can it honestly do?"

8. This eleventh hour moment of clarity:

"I was so drunk last night, I almost went home with some guy I didn't know, but then he said he lived in Halifax and I saw sense."


10. This soon-to-be graduate:

"I was looking at my graduation robes and I realised, 'This is what comes before death, isn't it?'"

12. This hardcore student:

"I've hidden our sleeping bags behind a bookshelf on the third floor – when the porters close the desk at 1am, sneak up the back stairwell and we'll stay the night..."


19. A tourist outside Clifford's Tower:

"Does Clifford live there?"


23. This truly sage student:

"I chose Vanbrugh because it is old and by the water, like the rotting carcass of a beached whale."

25. A very enthused Open Day student guide:

"And that's the security centre, and that's a burly security guard, and that's... just a girl."