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    22 Cats Who Hate Christmas As Much As You Do

    These cheerless cats just aren't feline festive.

    1. This cat, who is more Santa I-Will-Claw-Your Face-Off than Santa Claws.

    2. This cat, who utterly refuses to decorate her house.

    3. This cat, who is thinking, "Oh, am I in the way?" – but knows perfectly well that he is.

    4. This cat, who is meticulously working out which wire will shut this show down.

    5. This cat, who has retreated to his safe place away from this purple monstrosity.

    6. This cat, who will catch that bobble and eat it.

    7. This cat, who is thinking, "I cannot stand one more second of this. I'm about to go off."

    8. This cat, who is pretending to look politely intrigued by this gingerbread scene but will eat it when no one's looking.

    9. This cat, who is disgusted by the gaudiness in her immediate vicinity.

    10. This cat, who is thinking, "Hello, darkness, my old friend."

    11. These cats, who are doing their absolute best to ignore the Christmas shitshow going on behind them.

    12. This cat, who hopes you've got a spare tree just in case something should happen to this one.

    13. This cat, who attempted to take down this festive foliage but unfortunately became entangled within it.

    14. This cat, who will not rest until they find the source of that infernal jingling noise.

    15. This cat, who will carefully knock these decorations off this shelf and act surprised about the mess.


    17. This cat, who can't believe this time of year is happening again.

    18. This cat, who really does not want to be the littlest reindeer.

    19. This cat, who just honestly wants you to stop and think about why you've placed this eyesore in the corner.

    20. This cat, who is internally shouting, "DI-WHY!?"

    21. This cat, who will scream at this fairy light every day until Dec. 26.

    22. And this cat, who does not give a fuck that it took you four hours to assemble this Christmas tree.

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