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Shia LaBeouf Is Asking His Fans to Call Him On The Phone And Touch His Soul

For his latest art project, Shia LaBeouf wants you – yes, YOU – to ring him.

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It’s a call centre at Liverpool’s Foundation for Art and Creative Technology gallery, where people can “connect" with him for a chat over the phone.

#TOUCHMYSOUL live at +44 (0)151 808 0771


People really wanna touch that sweet Shia soul.

Can everyone stop trying to phone Shia LaBeouf for a wee minute so i can get through to him? Cheers.

Google search: How to touch Shia LaBeouf's soul

Literally trying to ring Shia Labeouf. If he actually answers I'll prob panic and put the phone down

Some are having more luck than others.

Shia Labeouf just hung up on me.


People are also invited to visit the gallery to see the star in person. #TOUCHMYSOUL is part of the exhibition Follow. According to the website, Follow "will explore how we act when everyone is watching".