27 Times Amazon Packaging Needed To Chill The Fuck Out

    Getting your package from A to Z ~real~ safely.

    1. This TV box within a box definitely needed a giant box for safety.

    2. If this game had been damaged in transit, it would have been a crime against humanity.

    Seems like an unnecessary amount of packaging... #Amazon #waste #amazonpackaging

    3. How would this shoe horn save stuck feet if it had arrived in shattered pieces?

    4. These running socks would surely have been slightly dented.

    @AmazonHelp Sure am glad 3 pair of running socks came in large box w/ 7ft of air packaging. #AmazonPackaging

    5. Had they not been fully secured, these hair ties would have pinged off in every direction.

    6. How would you knit your nan's Christmas jumper with broken knitting needles?

    7. How would you print out 60 photos of your cat with damaged printer cartridges?

    #AmazonPackaging just sent 3 small printer cartridges in a box the size of my torso. #really?

    8. How would you slow-cook your food unless your slow cooker was transported in matryoshka cardboard?

    9. Your webcam would be a webCAN'T if it wasn't transported in a massive box.

    10. That long-lasting power would be pointless without reams and reams of paper to soften its journey to your door.

    Thanks for the massive box @AmazonUK. Any particular reason an envelope wasn't deemed suitable? #amazonpackaging

    11. This picture frame NEEDED to be double-boxed and bubble-wrapped.

    12. Imagine a world with a broken Kindle charger.

    I think Amazon might need to re-think it's packaging… #Excessive

    13. Or a snapped ruler.

    Hey @AmazonUK thanks for delivering my ruler in such an utterly ridiculously large box #amazonpackaging

    14. Or a leaking military pen, its ink bleeding out while you stand helpless and distraught.

    .@amazon @amazonhelp I think this packaging was a bit excessive for a pen and a camera battery.

    15. Amazon says, "No."

    16. "We can't let this happen."

    Thanks for the calendar Amazon. I think the packaging was a bit excessive this time!

    17. "We, a giant of the consumer industry, refuse to allow our customers to receive damaged goods."

    18. "We have endless packaging paper..."

    19. "...and bottomless reserves of air cushions..."

    20. "...and so many absurdly oversized boxes."

    All this for 5oz bottle? Addicted to @amazon but time to reign in the excessive packaging. #lesspackaging #oneplanet

    21. "We will encase these precious items against potential damage."

    22. "We will shroud the smallest of products with our papery love."

    23. "And blow a safety bubble around even the sturdiest."

    The packaging for this tiny little keychain might have been a bit excessive @amazon

    24. "Our methods may be inexplicable."

    25. "Some may even say we go too far."

    26. "We're the hero the people deserve AND the one they need right now."

    27. "And we're gonna need a bigger box."

    Thank you, Amazon for so lovingly protecting the device that will so lovingly protect my phone! #AmazonPackaging