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    The 11 Craziest Sukkahs In The World

    This Wednesday evening begins the holiday of Sukkot. Jews around the world can be found sitting in Sukkahs (or Sukkot) - outdoor huts with roofs of branches or reeds. While the basic blueprint is the same, different locations lend to some pretty crazy iterations.

    1. The Boat-Sukkah in Venice, Italy

    2. The Gutsiest Sukkah In The World

    3. The Portlandian Sukkah Bike

    4. The Highest Sukkah In The World

    5. The Flatbed Truck Sukkah in Times Square

    6. The Traditional Sukkah City

    7. The Not So Traditional Sukkah City

    8. The Sukkah in Saddam Hussein’s Palace

    9. This Lego sukkah

    10. The Minecraft Sukkah

    11. The World Peace Sukkah

    Want to learn more about Sukkot? Visit to find out all about the holiday.