18 Signs You’ve Moved From Los Angeles To New York

Because you’ll always be an Angelino at heart.

1. You’re still not comfortable jaywalking.

2. You don’t get excited when you see movie stars.

I mean who from LA doesn’t know someone who works in ‘the industry.’

3. You freeze when everyone else is warm …

4. and in the summer you never knew it could be SO hot.

5. You laugh at other people’s traffic.

You call that mess on the West Side Highway traffic? Now THIS is traffic!

6. You can’t understand why everyone is so angry all the time.

7. The first time you drive in the city, you’re scared to death by the crazy New York drivers.

8. You still have a hard time with the crowded subways.

We’re from LA, man, we need like at least four feet of personal space.

9. You still use “the” to refer to freeway numbers

10. You actually thought Times Square was pretty cool…

…for about 10 seconds. Now you know that’s really a gawd-awful tourist trap (and begin to wonder if The Grove isn’t really the same thing as well).

11. You’re still looking for good tacos.

12. You’re ashamed to talk about what passed for pizza when you were growing up.

13. You scoff at what passes for wildlife in New York City.

In Los Angeles, we had coyotes and mountain lions in the Hollywood Hills, deer in Laurel Canyon and lizards in our backyards!

14. You still don’t check the weather before leaving home.

15. The first time you ever took a city bus was in New York.

I mean who takes the bus in LA?

16. You laugh when people still talk about the earthquake of 2011.

Northridge, now THAT was an earthquake!

17. You’ve given up on ever eating great produce in the winter again.

18. You know that you’ve fallen for the city that never sleeps…

…but deep down inside part of you can never leave the City of Angels.

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