11 MORE Things Only People With Unique Names Will Understand

Having a unique name isn’t always anxiety and anger. We can have some fun with them too!

Sure, there can be downsides to having a unique name:

1. Like having to use a “Starbucks” Name.

Sometimes you just want that grande soy mocha latte without a bunch of gibberish written on it. Use a Starbucks name.

2. You can new never find souvenirs with you name on them.

3. People expect you to make conversation about your name.

Who needs to talk about something new if you can always talk about you name?

4. Or they ask you if you’re joking when you tell them your name.

5. You get nicknames you never asked for to make your name “easier.”

6. Or someone always cracks the same joke about your name, thinking it’s original and witty.

You know what’s a funny name? Jon. Or Sally. Do you know why? Because they’re boring!

7. Sometimes people start mumbling or coughing half way through your name.

Can’t pronounce that last syllable of my name? That cough isn’t hiding anything.

8. If you have a hard first name and last name, they don’t even bother trying.

But there are some perks as well:

9. You always know when a telemarketer is calling.

Via giphy,com

There’s that extra pause as they struggle to pronounce your name properly.

10. When someone annoys you, you ask them to call you by your full name, just to watch them squirm.

11. And at the end of the day, you know that while other names are a dime a dozen, yours is one in a million.

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