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    29 Under-$50 Kitchen Products From Amazon With Such Good Reviews, You’ll Probably Want To Own Them Yourself

    Loves long walks to the kitchen.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. A 25-piece kitchen utensil set, because every household needs the basics. Set your cooking up for success with literally every utensil you could ever need. Grating cheese? Got you covered! Measuring? Check! Spoons, spatulas? Which size?!

    A reviewer's kitchen utensil twenty five piece set

    2. A 14-piece storage container set, so you can clearly see when it's time to restock the Frosted Flakes. Transform your pantry into what organizational dream are made of with these clear plastic containers and customizable labels. Fill them with cereal, chips, pasta, flour sugar, even coffee beans!

    A reviewer's fourteen piece container storage set in a cupboard

    3. An expandable under-sink organizer that'll serve as the perfect storage solution to all of your cleaning products. Create more space with the adjustable shelf, and customize the fit to your space. Honestly, this is a game-changer.

    A reviewer's under-sink organizer underneath their sink with cleaning products

    4. A pack of reusable cleaning cloths for an eco-friendly solution to cleaning your kitchen. These super absorbent cloths combine the benefits of a traditional tea towel with the absorbency of a sponge for a supreme clean. Plus, they're biodegradable!

    A reviewer's multi color assortment of reusable dish cloths

    5. A door pantry organizer that'll instantly add more storage to your space. Hang this shelving unit over your door for a quick and easy to find your bag of Cheetos or favorite Trader Joe's seasoning.

    6. A snap-on strainer for the easiest and most mess-free way to strain water from your pots. This silicone colander clips on to your pots and pants to quickly drain your pots without having to transfer your food from pot to strainer to pot again. It's the ultimate time saver, plus it's nearly the quarter of the size of a traditional colander.

    The strainer

    7. A pack of microfiber cleaning cloths so you can clean virtually any surface without the fear of scratches. These ultra-soft cloths are perfect for cleaning sinks, stainless steel appliances and more! Bonus: they're machine washable.

    8. A pots and pans cabinet organizer, because getting a pot for your mac n' cheese shouldn't be the most stressful part of your day. If you're sick of wrestling with your pans and being attacked by stray lids, then this storage unit is for you. Store up to five pans for an ultra-satisfying organized cabinet.

    A reviewer's pots and pans cabinet organizer

    9. A vegetable chopper, because cutting onions is basically torture. The four interchangeable blades let you julienne, chop and slice vegetables like a pro. It also collects all of your freshly chopped veggies in a convenient container. I don't know about you, but this gadget is begging someone to make the world's best pico de gallo.

    A reviewer's

    10. An indoor electric grill that'll keep you grilling and chilling all summer long. This mini grill can serve up to six of your favorite people (and probably two of your least favorite). Plus, the nonstick trays can be easily removed and tossed in the dishwasher.

    11. A 12-piece colored knife set so you can bring a pop of color to your kitchen. These vibrant stainless steel blades come with a convenient nonstick color coating helps prevent food from sticking. Get ready to become the next Iron Chef with this world-class knife set!

    The rainbow knives

    12. A nonstick silicone baking mat so you can prep to compete on the next season of The Great British Baking Show. You'll be able to ditch the oil, cooking sprays and parchment paper with these innovative baking mats. Pro tip: try to let the cookie dough make it into the oven before eating it off the pan.

    A reviewer's silicone baking mat on a baking sheet with cookie dough spread out

    13. A pair of silicone microwave mats, because if it was on Shark Tank, it's *add-to-cart* worthy. Grab hot dishes with confidence with a heat-resistant mat. Once you start using them, you'll wonder how you ever got by without them!

    Person holding the pot's handle with the gripper

    14. A storage container lid organizer, so you never have to wonder where all the lids to your leftover bins went! Store square and circle lids then toss in a cabinet for the perfect out-of-sight storage solution.

    A reviewer's food container lid organizer

    15. A stainless-steel compost bin for a chic and sustainable way to discard your biodegradables. But what about the smell? Is I'm sure what you just thought to yourself. This bin comes with a charcoal filter to trap and control unwanted odors. You can also easily wash it with soap and water for clean compost!

    The compost bin

    16. A 14-piece knife set , so you can keep your chopping skills sharp! Every kitchen needs a top-notch knife set, and especially ones that comes with a seriously sharp pair of scissors. Tip: when buying sharp knives, buy a box of BandAids — just in case!

    A reviewer's knife set in a wooden block on a kitchen counter

    17. A foldable stainless steel drying rack that'll help you air dry your dishes. The best part? It folds up into a perfectly compact roll for easy storage. Don't need it for drying? How about for cooling racks! Pop your freshly baked cakes straight from the oven and on to the rack to chill.

    18. An egg cooker, because you deserve to have perfectly cooked eggs with minimal effort. Make up to six eggs in soft, medium, or hard boiled firmness. Simplicity is key, just set the timer for you desired amount of eggs, and then let the auto-shut off function prevent any overcooking. It's eggcellent! (sorry, not sorry!)

    19. A coffee pod carousel for keeping your K-Cups at arm's reach at all times. The lazy Susan style allows you to easily rotate to choose your favorite flavor. When it comes to caffeine there is no margin for error. You need it quick and convenient!

    A reviewer's coffee pod carousel

    20. Or a coffee pod drawer organizer for when you hide your pods as opposed to displaying them. Set it underneath your Keurig for sleek storage with a coffee shop feel. Organize the rows from strongest to weakest brews, decaf – or never mind, what's the point of decaf. Just make it cute, make it convenient and make it full of caffeine!

    21. A set of eight fridge organizers, so you can make your fridge look as supremely clean as Khloe Kardashian's. Seriously, her fridge is more inspiring than any Pinterest board. Fit food of any size with four big drawers and four smaller drawers. Get ready to stare at your fridge all day long!

    A reviewer's fridge storage containers inside a fridge

    22. A scrub brush with a storage tray for cleaning your dirty dishes in style. This brush dispenses your soap for supremely clean dishes without all the hassle. In a rush? Get this brush!

    A reviewer's scrub brush with suds in a pan

    23. A mandoline slicer that'll help you slice vegetables in a flash. Slice, julienne, matchstick, dice, and more for easy meal prep, with 30 different preset cuts and a variety of thickness options. This finger-saver is designed to keep hands and fingers away from blades, for an easier, safer way to slice!

    24. An adjustable drawer divider for organizing your cutlery or junk drawer. Never search for that roll of tape or pair of tongs again with this sectioned off organizer. You'll never look at an empty drawer the same way ever again.

    Reviewer using the organizer for their tea packets

    25. A pack of flexible cutting boards, so you can chop all of your ingredients on separate boards, if you're into that type of thing. After chopping, slicing or dicing your food, get ready to then easily pass them into your bowl with no overflow. These boards are are flexible enough to be bent end-to-end for easy, no-spill transfer of food from counter top to pot or pan!

    Reviewer's picture of the rainbow cutting boards with five-star caption "love, love, love these! I've bought two sets for myself and a set for my mom"

    26. A 17-piece silicone utensil set, because no kitchen is complete without all of the utensil essentials. You can never have too many spatulas or spoons – just think about all the pancakes you will flip and brownie batters you will stir. A comprehensive set is a must!

    A reviewer's kitchen utensil set on a kitchen counter

    27. A cabinet turntable organizer for organizing all your spices, supplements and anything else you feel the need to spin in a circle while choosing. It's the ideal kitchen organizer!

    A reviewer's cabinet turntable organizer

    28. A stainless steel bread box, because bread is a necessity and deserves the chicest of storage options. Bonus: it comes with a free butter dish – because what else goes best with bread – and an e-book full of bread serving suggestions. Somebody get Oprah on the phone, because she would love this!

    A reviewer's white stainless steel bread box

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