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    34 Beauty Products That'll Make You Think, "Yup, I Definitely Need That"

    Let's ~glow~ shopping.

    1. A pack of 15 Bliss overnight facial peel pads designed to help you wake up with supremely smooth skin. This straight-from-the-spa formula gradually releases glycolic acid over the course of the night, for brighter, smoother skin by morning.

    A overnight facial peel sheet

    2. A custom hair mask created especially for your hair, because everyone's locks have their own specific needs. Answer some questions about your hair structure, scalp moisture, and hair goals, and you'll get a mask that's formulated especially for you!

    A jar of custom hair mask

    3. A Foreo mini facial toning device that uses microcurrents to tone and firm your skin (and will make you feel fancy AF in the process).

    A woman using a mini facial toning device

    4. A tube of Glossier's luminous bronzer crème for a sunkissed look without the sun damage. Transform into a bronzed bada** with this tan in a tube.

    Two tubes of bronzer creme

    5. An ''avocado toast'-inspired eyeshadow palette with 16 colors, so your look can match your brunch. Guac, but make it glam.

    An eyeshadow palette and arm swatches

    6. A Mario Badescu facial spray, because a multi-purpose facial mist is always a good idea. Skincare prep? Mist! Setting your makeup? Mist! Midday pick me up? Mist yourself, friend.

    A facial spray

    7. An ice facial roller for those mornings after when you need a little help depuffing. Store this sleek tool in the freezer, then when you need it, pop it out and get ready to roll.

    An ice facial roller

    8. A Fenty Beauty makeup primer, because it's from Rihanna. Do I even need to say more? Rihanna, people. Rihanna. (Okay, fine, I'll say more — it's lightweight, it hydrates, and helps your makeup last all day long).

    A makeup primer

    9. A customizable Glossier skin and lip balm trio for a perfectly primed pout. Choose your favorite scent and tints, and then get ready to make three new best friends.

    A trio of lip balms

    10. A pack of under-eye patches that'll help you fake a full night's rest in minutes. These vegan patches de-puff and hydrate, making them MVPs of your new morning routine. Giant iced coffee, eye patches, and pajamas — mmm, heaven.

    11. A Bliss vitamin C + tri-peptide serum for all the glow-getters out there. Boost your brightness, increase your bounce, and protect skin from free radical damage with this super serum.

    A Bliss vitamin C serum

    12. A bergamot bath soak filled with relaxing magnesium, potassium, and calcium, so you can have big bath energy. Scoop up this soak, grab a (giant) glass of wine, and do bath time right.

    A bag of bath soak

    13. A Makeup Eraser towel, because you have to see it to believe it. The name truly says it all: No harsh scrubbing or chemicals required. Just wet the towel, wipe it and that's it, you're done and your make up is gone!

    14. A Mario Badescu drying lotion spot treatment that'll become your skin's new BFF. Feel a pimple coming on? Dab a dot of this innovating drying lotion on the spot, and stop it in its tracks.

    A drying lotion spot treatment

    15. A Glossier hyaluronic acid + vitamin b5 serum, because your skin needs a little more ~spring~ in its step. Surge your skin with superior hydration, for a positively soft complexion with a ton of bounce.

    A serum bottle

    16. An exfoliating sleeping mask, so you can get smoother skin while getting your Zzzzs. This watermelon-based wonder gently exfoliates with AHAs to refine pores and smooth skin.

    An open jar of a watermelon sleeping mask

    17. A sheet mask that's available in four different skin-treating options. Pop on a hydrating, brightening, wrinkle-fighting or acne-eliminating mask for up to 15 minutes of uninterrupted self-care.

    A sheet mask

    18. A Rare Beauty liquid highlighter so you can shine like Selena Gomez herself. Swipe this shimmer on your cheekbones for a lifting effect and a jaw-dropping glow.

    An open tube of liquid highlighter makeup

    19. An Honest Beauty makeup primer with hyaluronic acid, because your skin can never be too moisturized. Great on its own, it's even better under your foundation for a look that lasts all day.

    A makeup primer

    20. A Glossier liquid eye liner pen, so you can finally master the art of the winged look. Transform into a makeup pro with this smudge-proof, perfectly saturated brush-tip pen.

    A hand holding a liquid eye liner pen

    21. A Beauty Blender makeup sponge that'll turn you into basically a professional makeup artist. Wet your sponge and apply your full face with ease.

    A blue beauty blender makeup sponge

    22. A plumping lip balm, because luscious lips are always in. Smooth on this ultra-hydrating balm for a perfect pout!

    An open tube of lip balm

    23. A curl-defining and volumizing hair mousse that'll look as good as it feels. Boost your curls with this wonderfully whipped mousse.

    A can of hair mousse next to a bowl of ice cream

    24. A Bliss mineral sunscreen for an SPF that you'll actually be happy to wear everyday. Sunscreen is a nonnegotiable all year round, so go for the one with that's noncomedogenic and has a smooth, never-greasy finish!

    A Bliss mineral sunscreen

    25. A makeup brush and sponge cleanser that'll revolutionize the way you clean your makeup tools. And yes, you should be washing your makeup brushes and sponges often! How often? Way more often than whatever you're doing right now!

    A makeup brush shampoo

    26. A dry brush so you can stimulate circulation and brush away dead skin cells for seriously smooth, soft skin.

    A dry brush

    27. A Glossier hand cream that'll make your hands as smooth as a baby's bottom (or whatever your personal smoothness goal is). Pop this portable cream in your purse for soft hands on the go.

    A hand holding a bottle of hand cream

    28. An Urban Decay makeup setting spray, because when you spend a lot of time perfecting your glam, you want it to last. Spritz this mist over your makeup for a look that will stay perfect all night long!

    A woman using a makeup setting spray

    29. A SPF lip treatment so you can shield your perfect pout from the sun's damaging rays. Smother your smackers with mega moisture and SPF 15.

    An open tube of lip balm

    30. A hemp-infused whipped body cream that's the perfect lotion to follow your body brushing session. Lock in mega moisture with pure hemp seed oil for nourished, soft skin.

    A bottle of body lotion

    31. A Moroccan Oil color depositing mask, because why talk about your Big Moods, when you can *temporarily* dye your hair about it instead? The masks soothe and smooth hair, while also dying it pink, blue, purple or even the classics like blonde and brunette.

    32. A CC cream that'll replace all your full coverage foundations. This lightweight cream blends like a boss and provides the perfect amount of coverage while letting your skin shine through.

    33. A volumizing mascara for your fiercest smize yet. Swipe your lashes with this luxe mascara for the best Bambi-eyed look.

    a reviewer using the mascara

    34. A stainless-steel gua sha that'll help you achieve the perfect facial massage at home. Glide it upwards and outwards motions to de-puff skin, increase circulation and aid with lymphatic drainage.

    A stainless steel gua sha

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