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Are You Ready To Be A Parent?

Becoming a parent is a difficult task that requires a lot of preparation and knowledge! While the media sometimes may portray parenting as a simple job, there's a lot of different elements that go into being a fit and able parent. Take this quiz to see if you're really ready to be a parent!

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  1. When confronted with stress, you're most likely to...

    Take a few deep breaths or practice some meditation
    Binge eat a bag of potato chips or whatever snack is in site
    Reach for a cigarette or a few beers
    Stress? What’s stress?

    Dealing with stress can be hard, but binge eating or reaching for a cigarette or beer is definitely not the best solution. And... sorry to break it to you, but avoiding your stress all together won't make it go away either.

    Caring for children, especially infants, can be as taxing and time-consuming as it is rewarding. The better methods you find for dealing with the stress involved, the better the environment you can provide for your child. If you’re someone who is easily susceptible to stress, it can negatively affect your parenting. Indulging in behaviors such as drinking, smoking, binge eating, or simply ignoring stress can result in the adaption of not only unhealthy behaviors, but an increased amount of stress in the future. Children are also highly sensitive to their parents’ emotions, and they may mirror your stressed behavior. Studies show that children of stressed parents are more likely to have developmental disorders. Check out this cool graphic from Pinterest to find some useful tricks for stress management:

  2. Why do you really want a kid?

    Recently my partner has been telling me how much they want a baby and I'm scared that if we don't have one they might break up with me
    I'm kind of bored right now, and I feel like a kid be a great way to always stay occupied... I mean parents are always complaining about how busy they are right?
    I have done adequate research surrounding the emotional and economic needs of an infant and not only meet them, but am committed to starting a family and dedicating my life to someone else’s needs.
    My mom had me when she was 16 and I’m fine, so now that I’m 16 I feel ready to have one, too.

    Having a child should be a well thought out choice that you and your partner make together for the right reasons!

    Having a child is a huge commitment, and you should never feel pressured to have one if you’re not ready. Having a child is a choice that you and your partner should make together, fully understanding all the duties and sacrifices that being a parent truly entails. While TV shows may glamorize what it is like to be a parent, keep in mind that they usually don’t accurately portray all the aspects of parenting. Having a child is expensive, you’re going to need a steady source of income, as well as enough space in your home for a child. In addition, in order to raise a child properly you’re going to need to learn a lot about parent responsibilities and the correct way to care and nurture a baby. Make sure you’re 100% positive that this is the right decision for YOU! If you still do think the time is right, check out this website for a helpful guide as to what you should be doing in the next few months as you prepare to have your baby:

  3. You’ve recently realized that you are expecting a child, but are currently suffering substance addiction. Which course of action should you take...

    Hide your addiction from your friends and family. You don't need that judgement right now!
    Lean off substance by limiting your usage. A little alcohol, or a couple pills probably won’t have any affect on your baby.
    There has been no data that proves that substances such as nicotine, alcohol, or narcotics actually affect your fetus. It is all just propaganda by the media and government.
    Seek help for your addiction, as harmful substances can really affect the fetus. It is important that you stop taking whatever substance you are addicted to, and quitting can be a hard task to do so by yourself.

    Substance abuse can put both you and your baby at risk! If you're suffering from addiction, its important that you get the help you need to stop before it's too late.

    Addiction can be scary, and quitting can be challenging, but it is important to know that exposing a fetus to any dosage of alcohol, nicotine, or narcotics can be extremely harmful. Exposure can lead to the fetus having birth defects, preterm labor, as well as a lack of oxygen and nutrients. Seeking help to quit your addiction is responsible, and doesn’t show any signs of weakness. If you are dealing with an addiction and need help, visit the ‘treatment’ section of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration to see how you can get help today:

  4. How much knowledge do you have regarding parenthood?

    I’ve watched many reality TV shows about teen parenting and have read a few fictional novels, such as What To Expect When You’re Expecting, that have covered aspects of being a parent.
    I have taken several parenting classes, and have also read many nonfiction books that cover the important and legitimate aspects of parenting. In addition, I have reached to helpful resources, such as my guidance counselor and parents in order to some acq
    Parenting is not something that you really have to prepare for. Think about it, isn’t like everyone a parent at some point? I doubt everyone really prepares for it. I think it’s important to just go with the flow.
    I briefly covered some parenting stuff in school, and ocasionally will babysit my neighbors six year old child.

    While TV shows and novels may offer a glimpse at what it takes to be a parent, there's many things they leave out...

    It’s best to learn as much as you can about being a parent to prepare yourself for this important role! Remember, even though it’s reality TV, or a fun book, it might not be actually depicting all of the important elements that parenting truly requires. While it may seem like people don’t really prepare for being a parent, most do, and it is in fact a really important step in order to make sure that you’re providing the best environment and care for your future child! Read articles about parenting from reputable websites and sources and purchase books about parenting. Also, talk to other people who are parents to gain insight and knowledge you might not get from print sources. The internet can be a great resource, and luckily for you Parent Zone actually offers online training courses about parenting. Check one out here:

  5. So, you’ve heard having a child can be expensive, but how expensive can it really be… it’s few diapers and some mashed up food, right? Choose which financial situation sounds most accurate to you and we’ll tell if we think you’re financially ready for it:

    Paycheck to paycheck, but at least I have a job!
    Last time I checked the bank I had $4.90.
    I have a savings account (with a decent amount of money in it) and have a steady income from my job.
    Well, I’m still financially dependent on my parents… so…

    Your future child is going to have a lot of needs, and some of those needs can rack up the bills! It's important to have a reliable income, and some savings in order to secure a healthy, comfortable environment for your child!

    Everyone’s situation is different, and of course it’s possible for those without great financial means to make great parents. However, the income stability of parents is highly correlated with a child’s success in life. Before you have a child, make sure you believe that you will be able to provide them with all the resources they need. You may think that your child only requires a few expenditures, but trust us… those quickly add up and a child can be much more expensive than you think! Check out’s breakdown of what it really costs to be a parent (hint: it’s more than you think!):

  6. You gave up cigarettes during your pregnancy because you heard of the negative effects smoking can have on your baby by continuing to smoke throughout pregnancy. Now that you have given birth, you are wanting to smoke a cigarette, but your child is close

    Yes, children exposed to secondhand smoke are at higher risk of respiratory infections including asthma, bacterial meningitis and cot death.
    No, because they are no longer a fetus and therefore won’t be affected by the smoke
    It is dependent on what kind of cigarette you’re smoking. As long as the cigarette is natural you’ll be fine
    It doesn’t matter whether you smoke or not because your child will be naturally resilient to smoke

    Smoking is an unhealthy and dangerous habit that affects both you and your baby.

    Though your baby is no longer in the womb, the secondhand smoke that they inhale from your cigarette can be extremely dangerous, and deadly. Given that your child’s lungs are still developing, the smoke from your cigarette can be especially infectious. Not only is the second hand smoke terrible for your child, studies indicate that smokers’ children are more likely to start smoking as well. Take control of your health, and protect your child. If you currently smoke and want to quit, check out some helpful tips to help:

  7. You and your partner who you had the child with decide to part ways. You’re now dating someone new, and your child is old enough to understand that you have a new significant other in your life. What is the best way to go about telling your child about yo

    Hide your new partner from your child’s life. Kids will never understand the nature of adult relationships.
    Spring your new partner on your child randomly. Maybe bring them to their birthday party or another social event? Spontaneity is probably best in this situation!
    Introduce your child to every person you are dating. Your child is an important aspect of your life and transparency is key.
    Have a talk with your child about the new person you are seeing before you introduce this new member of your life to your child, and set up a time for them to meet.

    Being open and honest with your child is important, but make sure you're being responsible while doing so.

    Divorce affects each individual child’s development in different ways, but dating someone new can add an even larger shock to the changes that come with the separation of a family. While keeping a new significant other a secret creates an unhealthy relationship built on distrust between yourself and your child, the key word in that sentence is significant as introducing your child to a new partner on a regular basis can become confusing, overwhelming and can leave the child with a sense of abandonment given the regular nation of different people coming and exiting their life.

  8. One day your child returns home from school crying and tells you that they have been bullied. Which scenario represents the best course of action that you should take in order to help your child deal with the bullying:

    Call the bullies parents and tell them that they have done a horrendous job raising their child and that their child is a disgrace.
    Take matters into your own hands. Adults are stronger than children, and it is now your turn to show the bully who’s boss in this situation.
    Seek help from your child’s school and report the bully to a faculty member.
    Tell your child to be stronger and suck it up. Everyone gets bullied at one point or another at school.

    Now that you're a parent, the way you handle conflict and confrontation is even more important. You're an example for your child, so make sure you're acting responsibly!

    Handling conflict by yelling at someone else teaches your child that resolutions are achieved through aggression. Conflict resolution is an extremely important life skill for your child to learn at a young age, and it is your responsibility to correctly guide them. Additionally, completely ignoring the problem suggests that you condone bullying and that it is okay for your child to bully other children at school as well. Bullying can really affect a child’s emotional well being so it is important that you seek help in an effective, and responsible manner.

  9. You recently gave birth to your child and your friends are all going to the local bar to watch a football game. Your baby is sound asleep and has been sleeping through the night. What should you do?

    Call a responsible, and well known babysitter to look after your child and set up a time with the babysitter when you will be home.
    As long as the baby is asleep, it’s fine for you to go out for a few hours and come back, just make sure you’re not out for long.
    Bring the baby with you. Your friends think that your baby is super cute, and it will add some entertainment!

    You want to make sure that your baby is always safe and secure. If you want to go out with a few friends, that's fine, but your baby's safety should be your number one priority.

    While going out with your friends is important, you are a parent now, and being a good parent requires that you make your child your first priority. Leaving a baby unattended can lead to serious harm, and result in possible death given the unpredictability of infants. Additionally, exposing your child to potentially dangerous environments such as bars or parties could put your child at risk of being hurt. It is important that whoever your leave your baby with has experience in child care, and you know them well. Taking care of a child is a huge responsibility, and while it may seem like an easy task, they’re many things that could go wrong that not all caretakers have experience with. Seeing friends is important, just make sure you take all the necessary steps in ensuring that your baby is safe, and well taken care of before you make the decision to go out with your friends!

  10. Before bringing your baby home, it’s important that you take these steps in order to make sure that your baby is well taken care of and safe…

    Go on a shopping spree and buy the cutest baby clothes you can find. If your baby looks cute in new clothes, he or she will feel even better!
    As long as you have a crib and some diapers, you’ll be set.
    Make sure you childproof your home. Childproofing includes taking measures (including but not limited to) making sure choking hazards, such as small items are not in the child’s reach, protecting outlets, and installing gates where the baby could potentia

    While our homes may not seem unsafe to us, hazards are present everywhere! Make sure your home is safe before you bring your baby home in order to avoid any potential danger.

    Childproofing is a very important step that you should take before your bring your child home. While going shopping for new clothes may seem like a fun alternative to securing your home, it is important for you to think about the potential hazards in your home that your baby could become vulnerable to. Things that we don’t think twice about such as outlets or stairs could prove to be very hazardous for an infant. Make sure you consult a reputable source that can help you make sure your home is ready for your newborn! Take a look at this helpful checklist to see if your home is ready:

Are You Ready To Be A Parent?

So, looks like parenting is a little harder than you expected!

While parenting may seem like a simple task, it is no secret that it is actually rather challenging and complex! Raising a child is a huge responsibility, and being a parent requires a lot of commitment. If you're currently expecting a baby, reach out to government, school, and personal resources (such as older members in your family or a therapist) to get the proper help you need in parenting a child. If you're not, it's never too early to start learning about the basics of what it takes to raise a child. Pick up a few books at the bookstore, or search the web for reputable sources that can be a good starting point for accumulating a little more knowledge about parenting!

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You have a great understanding of what it takes to be a parent!

Being a parent is a hard job, but you seem to have prepared yourself adequately! Though you may not be expecting anytime soon, the knowledge that you have accumulated so far is going to be a helpful asset for when the time does come for you to start your family!

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