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10 Items Every "Sopranos" Fan Needs In Their Life (Hint: Spoiler Alert)

Get 'em before the deals cut to black!

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1. TS Magnet

MothershipShop / Via Etsy

He held The Family together. Now he can hold up the utilities bill on your fridge. It's also a reminder of what can happen if you don't pay up...

Get it on Etsy for $4.

2. The "Burn That Fuckin' Thing" Photo Print

MoviesAndThings / Via Etsy

A toast to the good life! Defy the boss of the family by hanging this print in your living room. And remember...."It was just a horse!"

Get it on Etsy for $29.

4. Soprano Family Cookbook

Amazon / Via Amazon

The Sopranos is quite possibly known more for its depictions of Italian food than for its ground-breaking content. This cookbook (compiled by Chef Artie Bucco, himself) reveals the mastery behind the "mangia!"

Pick it up for only $10.71 on Amazon.

9. Un-fuhgetta(boutit)able Faces

BoRiljana / Via Etsy

Because who could ever forget Chris's nose, Tony's eyes, Silvio's frown, and Paulie's wrinkles? This piece of art will class-up any room in the house.

Get it on Etsy for $12.

10. And lastly, you're not a true fan if you wouldn't rock this...

alexthagreat404 / Via eBay

Just the coolest jacket ever. Nbd. Officially made for HBO.

Yours right now for $75 on eBay. Get it before I do!

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