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10 Things That All Middle Schoolers Will Understand

"You got a D+?!?!? Holy crap bruh your so smart!"

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1. When you realize that you are smack talking about the teacher right behind you.

Me: "Yo Mrs. Mushroom right behind us, she's such a fat idiotface!"

Mrs. Mushroom: "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

Me: *Immediately regrets every decision in life*

2. Doing things you're not supposed to at school

Me: *Reading manga*

Kid (at the top of his lungs): WHY ARE YOU READING CARTOONS?!?!?!

Teacher: *Takes laptop*


3. When you see an opportunity and you take it

Grammar teacher: Name something slow witted

Me: You

Grammar teacher: 20 day suspension Mister

Me: *WTF!?!?!?!?!?!*

4. Procrastination Nation

Me: "I am going to finish this now"

Me: *10 iiSuperwomanii videos, 15 minutes of going through Manjeet's twitter and watching the entire season of Pretty Little Liars later*

Me: "Too late to start now"

5. Losing all your stuff within a week

Me at the beginning of the school year: *Has 56 pencils, 19 pens, 5 highlighters and 31 packs of Post-its*

Me in the 2nd month of school: *Has one random pencil found on the floor of science class*

6. The One Day You're Sick

At School: Not bad, a science test, some math homework

Sick for one day: The school catches on fire, Fetty Wap comes to your homeroom and there were 6 fights at lunch.

But seriously, how does this happen?!?!

7. When you lose all memory on a test

Me on math test: *Needs to check 1+1 on calculator*

Me: "It never hurts to check" *shrugs*

8. The water fountain struggle *IT'S REAL!*

Me: *So thirsty....*

Water fountain: "Come, I taste like rusty metal!"

Me: *Gives up, cries, and suffers the taste of steel*

9. Once you have gum, everybody is your best friend

Me: *unwraps gum*

Kid I have only talked to once: "OOOH CAN I HAVE ONE?!?! DUDE I'M LIKE YOUR BESTEST FRIEND EVER!!!!"

10. But once you get to high school, you wish you could go back.

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