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    You Are Not Broken - Your Brain Can Interpret The Colors Of The Dress As Blue And Black OR White And Gold

    There is some serious hatred between Team Blue and Black and Team White and Gold. Did you know that you (with the same brain) can see it both ways!?! Kapow! Mind Blown! If you look at the actual pixels, the dress is actually Gold and Periwinkle - what an odd colored dress... I think I would prefer white and gold, unless I am the mother of the bride, in which case blue and black is much more slimming!

    See the Dress Both Ways (blue and Black OR white and gold)!!!! You are not Broken

    Ell Photography / Via

    It's just an optical Illusion. Since it is a low quality photo with unknown lighting and no references, your brain doesn't know how to interpret the colors. Some see the blue to be "absolute white" and their brains shift how they see the colors in the whole image such that the black turns to gold. Others see the gold as "absolute black" and their brains shift the rest of the colors cooler so that the white turns blue. You are not broken. The cones in your eyes are fine. You are not color blind. Use the graphics to help you see it both ways.

    If you Look at the Pixels, the Dress is Gold and Periwinkle!

    Ell Photography / Via

    Apparently no one is right in the absolute sense of the image (forget what it is in real life). Gold and Periwinkle... what an odd combination!