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8 Things That Are Literally The Worst

Life is hard enough, but some things just make it harder.

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2. Missing important plot points in the beginning of a movie.

Christina Luka

Assuming the previews will run long, you decide to get those peanut m&m's you deserve. Unfortunately, this theatre's showtime is when the actual film starts. WHY?

3. Pouring the shampoo out a second time instead of the conditioner.

Christina Luka

What a waste of money. As one of the 99%, you’ve got two choices: Double shampooing or trying to suck it back into the bottle/smear it into the inside of the cap. You can try and salvage the shampoo, but neither option will salvage your frustration.


4. Not realizing your purple wine lips until way later.

Christina Luka

What kind of friends are these? Either no one noticed or you’re hanging out with the wrong crowd. True friends tell friends when they’ve got wine mouth.

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