Do NOT Click On This Post!

You are going to see things you wish you hadn’t! Just do yourself a favor and don’t look at this post. Viewers BEWARE: this post contains 23 reasons why you should AVOID it…and 21 of them are pretty disturbing.

1. NOW YOU’VE DONE IT! This post is going to show you things that you DON’T want to see!

2. This GIF is long. Wait until you see what he does with his treasure… WHY DID YOU CLICK ON THIS?! SOOOO GA-ROSSS!

3. WHAT the HELL is that?!

4. I could have gone my whole life without seeing that!

5. Just keep this in your mind for the next time you go pee in a public restroom, ladies.

6. Disgusting…Not Cute

7. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

8. This is soooooo gross! Why did you click?!

10. That’s not right!

11. Don’t get it. Don’t like it.

12. I bet you wanted to forget this.

13. So lady-like.

15. This might be the worst GIF! You know why? THESE ARE LITTLE CHILDREN! EWWW… No one wants to see this.

16. Oh, that first one…it wasn’t the only one, btw!

17. I don’t care for this!

18. Why did you click?!

19. Back row, middle child. Don’t you hate it when this hapens?

21. CHEATER! He didn’t eat it all.

22. Those weren’t the only reasons not to look at this post! DID YOU KNOW…Looking at a computer screen can overwork our eye muscles and can lead to eyestrain?

The muscle in the eye becomes fatigued, the eyes may feel uncomfortable and ache.

Eye lenses become fatigued when an individual reads a computer screen, from a fixed distance, for a lengthy and continuous period of time.

Reading a computer screen, at a close distance, requires more focusing and leads to RAPID EYE FATIGUE!

23. By reading this you are impairing your ability to focus!

Too much web surfing leads to the inability to focus.

We have access to more information than ever before, with the magical WORLD WIDE WEB! That means we are also processing more information than ever before.


We are so used to the constant stream of information from the internet, that our brains are actually getting rewired for distractibility.


In a matter of seconds, we can view the weather and news, we can go shopping or read a review AND while we’re doing this, we may also be texting, driving, or instant messaging.

We usually don’t take time to reflect on what we read online. Studies show, the average time spent on a webpage is less than five seconds, enough to read 18 words at most. Our minds are constantly distracted. No wonder we have trouble focusing!

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