41 Reasons All Children Are PURE EVIL

Don’t let their cute little faces fool you. Children are not sweet and innocent. They are actually PURE EVIL!

1. I believe this guy puts it nicely when he says:

There is nothing more toxic or deadly than a human child. A single touch could kill you.

2. FACT: All children are actually half demon.

3. Whatever you do, don’t let their little “cute” and “innocent” faces fool you!

4. This is what they do to the people they are supposed to love…Grannies BEWARE

5. Oh, and they don’t grow out of it either. They just find different ways to be bratty when they get too old to hit Granny.

6. When they are young, parents train their daughters to be sexy…

7. And then people wonder why their 12 year old daughters turn out like this…

8. When parents say this, “They are just kids, they don’t need rules at this age,” sometimes the cat has to take dicipline into their own hands.

9. When children throw fits maybe parents should ground them, instead of worrying if their children will think they are evil or not.

10. AGAIN! Don’t let these little faces fool you.

11. You turn your back for one second and they do something like this!

13. Kids aren’t nice to each other.

15. Seee! Totally not nice to them!

16. I think it’s because they are half demon…

17. When they don’t get what they want, you have to deal with one of these:

18. Just when you think they could maybe get along, something always gets in the way.

19. Maybe they act that way because they have parents like this?

20. Whatever, Teen Mom! We all know your kid is going to grow up to be like this little weirdo…

21. Just remember: if you keep making excuses for your bratty children and giving them what they want…

22. Then they will always treat you like this.

23. AND want this for Christmas!

24. Just remember the number one rule…DON’T LET THEIR CUTE FACES FOOL YOU!!!!!

25. Because one day it’s the cat…

26. AND the next day it could be you…

27. When you think they do stuff on accident, just remember…



30. Maybe they learn to act the way they do from other influences too…

31. Yes, we’ll just blame everything they do on the TV!

32. It’s all the TV’s fault!

33. Let’s just let our MONSTER CHILDREN tell us what to do and blame the TV if anyone says anything.

34. When they do THIS, just don’t give in! It’s EASY!

35. Next time a child has a temper tantrum, let’s not give in to them…

36. Instead, let’s take some advice from Morgan Freeman and just say the following words:

37. Or just show em’ who’s boss.

38. Discipline your children, but don’t take it overboard…don’t be cruel to them…remember they grow up.

39. AND if you don’t have the guts to do that, then maybe karma will take care of it on its own.

40. You can always remind them that this guy exists…

41. I wanted to throw this dog gif in because the dog reminds me of a child…

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