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18 Reasons To Check-It-Out! With Dr. Steve Brule

Don't be a dingus...Check it out! Holy Guacamole; if you don't like Dr. Steve Brule, then you won't like this post. BRINGO!

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1. If you're raking the leaves and it gets all over your driveway, just hose it off dummy.

2. What the heck you gonna do if you're on a picnic and have an ice cream and the ants crawl on the ice cream, what are you gonna do? You're gonna eat the ants because it's made out of protein.

3. You have smelly body parts? Smelly under your arms? In the armpits? Just... just put some vinegar on it! Why didn't you think of that?

4. I'm making gravy.

5. Life comes from eggs. Not just for omelettes, ya dingus, you could make a baby boy or a baby girl too.

6. Put some fruit juice in there and freeze it into ice cubes...

And put THAT in your milk.

7. Get this dragon outta here!

8. Can you see the donkey drangus on camera? Does it come with a bathroom hole? I had a whole can of creamed corn for breakfast.

9. I'm a doctor too!

10. Sour as my Daddy’s lips.

11. Just a little horseplay...

12. Wine was invented by the Romans... for orgies. And orgies are not too much fun if no-one wants to do it with you.

13. It's funny to imagine bears riding motorcycles.

14. I like the kind of makeup that makes me a star.

15. Feels like my ass is on fire!

16. Tastes like a cow bathroom.

17. I'll be brack.

18. Go to bed early you doofus, ‘cause when you’re sleeping there’s no lonely times, just dreams.

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