15 You-Are-Not-The-Father Dance Moves

Here is proof that ANYTHING can inspire dance. This post features some of the BEST you-are-not-the-father dance moves, from the “crab” style, to the “synchronized” style, we’ve got it all!

1. The “synchronized” style of the you are not the father dance…Did they plan that?

Another rendition of the “synchronized” style.

2. Deeee-yammm…He’s got the moves. He ain’t that fatha neitha!

3. The “Bounce” Style You Are Not The Father Dance


4. She’s Feelin’ it. I mean, she as feelin’ it so much, she had the shirt made before she knew the official results…

5. Here you can see him demonstrating the “back flip” style of the you are not the father dance.

6. The “Crab” Style You Are Not The Father Dance

7. He’s doin’ the “why am I even here?” dance!

8. That baby is so confused…he’s like, “who muh daddy?”

9. That little girl also seems happy he isn’t her daddy…Also, I believe this is calle the “Rodeo” style of the you are not the father dance.

10. The you are the father, lady’s dances are equally as nice.

11. See, the men don’t dance when they are the father. It’s the lady’s turn to DANCE!

12. It’s a more “dance in place” style, where the men’s version covers more distance.

13. Wait!? This one is breakin’ all the rules! HUH?

14. Here is the “synchronized” style making it on to Seinfeld!

15. You can do these dances anywhere and they are very popular. This is a guy doing his own rendition of the “crab style” and is receiving great responses from the audience. Try them out on your own sometime!

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