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14 Accidental Chinese Hipsters Who Know What's Up

Below are the 14 best accidental Chinese hipsters. These individuals have accidentally dressed themselves into hipster oblivion! Take a look below.

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13. Shaved sides are sooo 3 years ago, but I'll still put you on the list because: you were audacious enough to rock the belly shirt with confidence and we all know half the look is about confidence. Also, that's a sweet fanny pack.

10. Okay, now things are getting a little more serious. We've got the jean jacket, and sidebag. Nice! Oh, and don't worry, I didn't forget to mention the "ironic" socks and shoes combo.

9. This accidental hipster knows it's all about bringin' back the early 90's with this totally swaggin' baseball hat. BUT he also knows to keep it classic with his cuffs and boots.

8. Sorry girls, this pic isn't meant to feature you. This guy knows how to keep it suave. He's got the red berete and the bad ass rims. He understands it's all about the clash.

7. It's all about jean. Love the nylon socks (subtle reference to Nylon Magazine?). Up in the air about Pink Floyd pants. The pant material is nice, but it's Pink Floyd, who everyone knows has too large of a following (totally not undergroud).

5. This guy gets it. Rico Suave in the house. He knows it's all about gold. He's got the right cut and he has the "ironic" cell phone. Don't forget the clutch! Accidental Hipster ALERT.

2. Right off the bat, I notice the lovely frown. We've got this amazing suit. Mutiple Layers. Everything is tucked in EXCEPT the tie. Very nice. Classy shoes. Lovely clashing touches, btw.

1. Hell yes. Visor is too rad. Has on backpack and panny pack. Bringin' back the arm warmers. Standing like she's way too cool for this crap. Totally doesn't care about this because she's way too busy talking on her phone.

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