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    • J H

      How many of those violent videogames DON’T have a movie and/or TV equivalent?
      Postal? That has a videogame.
      War games set in the past/present/future? They have videogames.
      Films where a guy goes on a mad rampage? Yep, from the early 90s and recently too. Why are games so much worse than films which are exactly the same.
      And why can’t games be the SOLUTION?
      Did any of the games Adam Lanza played teach him to shoot? His mother did, at a shooting range.
      Did any of the games let him shoot little kids in an elementary school? He was a loner.
      Did video games ever let him connect with other people? Say at LAN parties?
      Were videogames a hobby that kept him from doing other harmful things? His parents split up and his friends alienated him.
      The social thing he’s reported to have done involved videogames.
      His mother was a nutjob. You figure out what caused it.

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