10 Times Chelsea Peretti Was A Comedy Champion

Chelsea Peretti is one of the funniest human beings and is just starting to get the recognition she deserves. Here are just some examples of that hilarity.

This is Chelsea Peretti. She’s Hilarious

Let’s get to know her. Here are times that she was funny!

1. Everything She Does On Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Her first starring role, and one that’s getting her a lot of attention. Long Live Gina Linetti! (Her character).

Not including this video

2. When She Wrote For Parks and Rec

She’s credited for 6 episodes including “I’m Leslie Knope”, the one where Ron tries to run away from Tammy 1.

3. She Also Did A Two-Week Guest Write on SNL

Even though SNL doesn’t really release the writers of specific sketches it’s likely she got something on.

4. When She Played Farley On Kroll Show

She also writes for and is a supervising producer for the Kroll Show

5. When She Constantly Kills It On Twitter

Defintely one of the best Twitter accounts around

6. When She Started A New Podcast

Call Chelsea Peretti is already one of the greats and it’s super new.

Here’s a short clip.

7. When She Goes On Comedy Bang Bang

On the rightly famous Farts and Procreation Episodes. The clip is long, but it’s totally worth it. Check out all her episodes here

8. When She and Aziz Ansari Made A Movie

Best Movie Ever!

9. Whenever She Talks To Pete Holmes

She’s Pete Holmes’ “Worst Best Friend” and it’s fantastic.

10. When She Does Stand-Up

Stand-up is where she got her start so of course I put it last. Makes complete sense, right?

Basically she’s the best. Her website is here

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