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The 14 Stages Of Introducing A New Song To Someone

Sharing a song you love with someone who doesn't know it can be a harrowing experience.

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You just heard a song for the first time, let's say it's "Drunk in Love" by Beyoncé, and you want everyone and their mom to hear it because it's just so good.

2. I'm Not Crazy, Right? / Via

You start listening to it 50 million times a day "just to make sure it's still good."

3. Yep, Still The Greatest Thing Ever.


You've now officially declared this song "your jam," "your anthem," "the best thing that's ever happened to me musically or otherwise."

4. Everybody Must Know About This! / Via Olive Bridge Entertainment

Now that it's your most favorite song ever, you have to share it with everybody you know right?

5. Have You Heard This?

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It's time to find someone who hasn't heard your song. It's harder than it seems. You start to realize that maybe this song isn't as special as you think.

6. Wait, This Is Still A Good Song Right?

Yep still fantastic! Just had to make sure.

7. Found Someone Who Hasn't Heard It Yet!

Granada Television / Via

Probably your aunt or weird uncle or the dude from your typing class who only wears "Def Leppard" shirts.

8. Get Psyched

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You are about to change someone's life. Best listen to the song 48 more times.

9. You Start The Song.


You will not believe how good this is!

10. Make Sure They Like It!

Universal Pictures / Via

Do you like it? Do you? The first 10 seconds are really good right? Wait. till you hear the rest.

11. Wait, Do You Not Like It?

The CW / Via

Doubt starts to creep in. Is this the right song? Oh no! Did the song go bad? Is it not good anymore?

12. OKAY! JUST, OKAY!!!!!! NO.

BBC / Via

They are obviously an insane person. This is the greatest thing since ice cream and pizza.

13. No More For You!

NBC / Via

No, I don't care if you want to hear the rest. You don't deserve to listen to this song.

14. Final Check: Do You Still Love The Song?

NBC / Via

Yep this song is still the best thing of all time.

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