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    31 Unbelievable Pieces Of Origami Art

    Origami is more than swans and cranes. There is some straight crazy/awesome stuff out there. Check it out.

    1. The White Swan Queen / Via

    I know I said origami was more than swans. But this is like a Queen Swan. Better than all the other origami swans, ruling over all of them on their origami pond.

    2. RAINBOW POWER / Via

    How is this even possible? Through the power of folding, I guess. I don't know, I just think it's super cool.

    3. Getting Paper(Clips) / Via

    "OMG Brian has the best paperclip holder ever." "I know right?" - What your coworkers will be saying when you show them your paperclip holder.

    4. One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish*EYW87l3t/MabonaOrigami2.jpg / Via*EYW87l3t/MabonaOrigami2.jpg

    But you know, more than that.

    5. The Bird Version

    6. Paper Folded, I Am / Via

    There is not try, there is only do or do not. Fold the paper you must.

    7. Rhino Power / Via

    Damn, kid. Now that's some folding. There is a "tusk" pun in here somewhere.

    8. BIRDMAN! / Via

    Cool enough to make Bryan Williams jealous.

    9. Papyrus Prime / Via

    Optimus Prime Paper Folder more like.

    10. But Can It Breathe Fire? / Via

    No, no it can't.

    11. Carp Diem / Via

    Now all we need is 10,000 sheets of blue construction paper and we can make a koi pond.

    12. Fishing For Benjamins / Via

    Never has the fishing business been more profitable.

    13. Paper Man To The Rescue / Via

    Iron Man as portrayed by Pulpert Downey Jr. (sorry).

    14. I Just Wanted To Play Basketball / Via

    But thanks, I guess?

    15. Paper City / Via

    Not sure if this is technically Origami but it's made of paper and is cool as all get out. So whatever.

    16. We Making Paper / Via

    Is it just me, or is someone out there a paper wizard?

    17. Paper Is Mighter Than The Sword / Via

    The artist says it's supposed to be a helmet, but I like "cool pointy thing" better.

    18. This Bird's Got Wings / Via

    The Bird With Paper Wings seems like it should be the name of a poem. It probably already is.

    19. Leaffrogging / Via

    The Frog and The Leaf should also be a poem. I guess paper folding just brings out the romantic in me.

    20. Spring Back, Or Wait Is It Forward? I Can Never Remember / Via

    Here's a origami spring. No word on whether it works or not.

    21. Hedwig LIVES!!!!!!!!! / Via


    22. THE BIRDS! THE BIRDS! / Via

    Hitchcock would be proud.

    23. I Don't Want A Pony. I Wan't a Unicorn!

    24. The Majesty of Flight / Via

    The Wright Bros wish they had something this cool.

    25. I Can Hear The Ocean! / Via

    She sells seashells by the seashore.

    26. Fake! Everyone Knows the Millennium Falcon is Grey. / Via

    Canonically speaking, Han Solo wouldn't of had enough credits to actually afford this, but it's pretty awesome.

    27. X-Wing Nation / Via

    And the requisite X-Wing to keep good ol' Han company.

    28. Bugging Out / Via

    Beetle Bailey's got nothing on this little guy.

    29. Moose Tracks / Via

    Is the plural of moose "meese"? I always forget.

    30. This Is A Buckyball. / Via

    I imagine Calvin and Hobbes could use this for a rousing round of Calvinball.

    31. But Is It Faster Than Turbo? / Via

    Are Turbo references still timely?

    Unlike many things you can try these at home! Yay!