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24 Next Level Bonkers Science GIFs

Science is freaking awesome. And eminently GIF-able. Don't try any of these at home please.

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1. LED Spectacular / Via

Pretty colors! This reaction comes from placing an Orange LED in liquid nitrogen!

2. The Iron Blob / Via

Run away! Run to the hills! Iron filings have gained sentience and they are hungry!

3. The Lazy Birthday Cake Maker / Via

Just remember kids, Smokey wants you to prevent forest fires.

4. Air Strong! Metal Puny! / Via

That metal looking thing that's lighter than air? Sulfur Hexafluoride. It's the metal of the future. Flying car anyone?

5. Power Peppers / Via

That's a Himalayan Balsam and it's just one of the many plants that have crazy exploding seed pods. It's not technically a pepper.

6. IT'S ALIVE / Via

Candles should not be able to do that. And they can't. The flame is actually being extinguished by electricity not sending it out.

7. Foam Party / Via

For all your foam party needs. That's hydrogen peroxide and potassium iodide.

8. Bottled Spirits / Via

It's a ghost! If only. It's science.

9. Instant Mirror / Via

For when you're out in the wild and just need to get a shave. Aluminum melted by an off-screen apparatus.

10. Cut Out The Lights / Via

Not just something you do in the backyard when your parents are gone. It's an experiment!

11. Tower of Power / Via

Wait for it. Then boom, next level bonkers. Thanks to concentrated sulphuric acid and p-nitroaniline

12. Loop da Loop / Via

That's four times the size of the Earth. FOUR TIMES.


14. Feather Boa Constrictor / Via

The lightest touch can destroy! Well, when it's a feather and Nitrogen Triiodide it can. There's a higher res one here

15. All Of The Lights (Kanye Voice) / Via

All of the lights / All of the lights / All of the lights (sung from here to eternity)

16. Popping Balloons / Via

Balloon popping .gifs are everywhere on the Internet and I could watch them forever.

17. Ferrofluids Forever / Via

Now on to the ferrofluid gifs. Ferrofluids are essentially super crazy magnetic liquids (it's more complicated then that). And they do the coolest things. Here are a bunch



20. Slow Motion For Me / Via

The slow motion science gif is maybe the best science gif. A gif gift. A gift of gifs. Here are some. And yes, these are science. Possibly.

21. String You Along / Via

For example, scientists can use this gif to discover just how the vibrations of a violin can change the heartstrings of your soul though beautiful music.

22. Crash Crash Bang Bang / Via

More music science!

23. Gallagher 3.0 / Via

Ballistics are of course a science.

24. White Pellets For Everyone! / Via

Pellets should not be eaten, naturally. That is Sodium Polyacrylate and water reacting by the way.


View this video on YouTube / Via

So remember folks science is cool. Always.

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