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    24 Next Level Bonkers Science GIFs

    Science is freaking awesome. And eminently GIF-able. Don't try any of these at home please.

    1. LED Spectacular

    2. The Iron Blob

    3. The Lazy Birthday Cake Maker

    4. Air Strong! Metal Puny!

    5. Power Peppers

    6. IT'S ALIVE

    7. Foam Party

    8. Bottled Spirits

    9. Instant Mirror

    10. Cut Out The Lights

    11. Tower of Power

    12. Loop da Loop


    14. Feather Boa Constrictor

    15. All Of The Lights (Kanye Voice)

    16. Popping Balloons

    17. Ferrofluids Forever



    20. Slow Motion For Me

    21. String You Along

    22. Crash Crash Bang Bang

    23. Gallagher 3.0

    24. White Pellets For Everyone!


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    So remember folks science is cool. Always.