23 Jaw-Dropping Baseball Gifs

Spring Training is almost upon us! Which is fantastic news for all those baseball fans who have been struggling through the winter. Here are some fantastic baseball gifs to help along the transition.

1. Steady Hand

Let’s start with maybe the best baseball .gif of all time. This is a composite of Yu Darvish throwing 5 different pitches. The amazing thing is that his delivery is the same on all of them. Incredible.

2. In The Palm Of His Hand

That’s pitcher Aaron Laffey (then playing for the Seahawks) catching a comebacker at the mound. And then tossing down the ball like it wasn’t a thing.

3. Mitt For The Win

Sometimes you just gotta catch it anyway you can. Especially if you’re Chad Jenkins

4. If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Try Again

Especially if you’re Tony Campana trying to slide into 3rd.

5. Off The Wall

There is no way that this is humanly possible. Ergo, Yasiel Puig is superhuman.


Chris Davis’ nickname is “Crush”. Makes sense.

7. Rollins On Home

Jimmy Rollins dodges the tag at home for the score.

8. Stretch To The Max

Justin Maxwell lays out all he’s got in this diving catch.

9. Big Papi

David Ortiz doing what he’s paid to do. Hit bombs.

10. Someone Hire This Dude!

Extra points for keeping hold of the kid too.

11. Tumbling Is Cool

Josh Donaldson pulls off some Backyard Baseball fielding magic for the Oakland A’s.

12. SuperPuig

Yasiel Puig pulls off some tandem fielding maneuvers. New Olympic sport anyone?

13. Diving Team

Looks like Ramon Santiago just earned himself a place on any diving team he wants to join.

14. Losing Your Hat

What your seeing is Rajai Davis flipping up his hat on the way to make the catch. If it landed on his head it would’ve been number one for sure. Anyway, it’s still cool.

15. Slow Motion For Me

Here’s Darvish again absolutely fooling a dude with a slow slow curveball.

16. I Did It On Pupose, I Swear

Jose Iglesias absolutely wanted to do that. He promises.

17. Backsliding

Mike Trout really wanted that slide. Like he wanted to slide like a 6-year-old wants to slide.

18. Thru The Legs

Between the legs is the way to go for Brandon Phillips

19. Superben

Ben Revere does his best Superman impression

20. Eyes On The Ball

Eric Young takes that old sports maxim to heart

21. Hops, Lots of Hops

Stephen Drew takes all the hops.

22. Behind the Back

Not that this play influences anything, but it’s still awesome. That’s Joe Mauer.

23. Bombs Away

Needless to say, this Marwin Gonzalez bomb left the park.

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