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14 Reasons "Hey Ya" Has The Most Perfect Music Video Ever

"Hey Ya" the song is perfect, everyone knows this. But the music video? Even better. And here are the gifs to prove it.

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First The Video

View this video on YouTube / Via

It was directed by Bryan Barber and according to Wikipedia André 3000 had to perform the song 23 times on shooting day. It was nominated for a Grammy and won 4 MTV Music Video Awards.

1. The Concept / Via

Simple concept: André 3000 is the Beatles. Obviously. It's all you need.

2. Possum Jenkins / Via

The best bassist of all time! / Via

Just look at that bezerk bass drop.

3. Johnny Vulture / Via

Who needs to stand when you can sit and look cool?

4. Benjamin Andre / Via

Berets are back baby!

5. Dookie / Via

Dookie is kooky. / Via

Let 'em hear ya Dook. / Via

Dookie looks into your soul. / Via

Dookie knows just what you want.

6. Andre´ "Ice Cold" 3000 / Via

Ice cold. Not Vanilla Ice cold. Ice-T cold.

7. The Love Haters / Via

The best back-up singers since The Supremes

8. Spirit Fingers / Via

You thought Bring It On had spirit fingers? They fit more waggly fingers into this 5 minute video than that whole movie did.

9. Hair Flips / Via

There are enough hair flips in this to make Beyoncé jealous.

10. The Dance Moves

There are some fantastic André 3000 dance moves in this here video.

The Vertical Worm

The Shimmy

The Hand Clapper

The Twist 2.0

The Family Jam / Via

Teach your parents these sweet sweet dance moves.

11. Whatever Big Boi Does While Talking

12. The Polaroids / Via

Of course, you can't forget to shake it like a Polaroid picture. That's breaking one of the Ten Commandments of Dance. / Via


13. Dancing Granny / Via

And who can forget the wonderful character arc for the dour guardian! / Via

The worst of times and the best of times, a classic tale of two gifs.


Their reunion is the best thing to happen to the summer music festivals in years.

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