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5 Cats Who Totally Understand Clearing

It's results week. With media spotlight inevitably on the whether you're part of the celebrators or commiserators (cue all those pictures of high living, jumping and punching the air results papers).... clearing is in the headlines again.

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Clearing is awesome, and actually quite nervous and exciting when it comes to grabbing the next best opportunity.

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Grabby grab grab! Eeeeeee-yes.

It feels weird initially, but you're immediately but at ease - there are 1000s just like you and they're all in the call queue!

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Hello, yes I would like to kick some serious butt in my future please, kthxbye.

People unnecessarily worry about you going through clearing when actually, it's pretty exhilarating to be taking a brand new chance and making a life choice you might not have thought about before...


I am just rolling with it, join me in my awesomeness!

...And then you find that clearing is just as competitive as applying for University the first time round anyway.

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So when you find that course you want, it's important to just go for it!

Clearing can take a bit longer than you want it to - and, there might be more knockbacks on the way, but you just keep trying and going for it. And then when you finally find the one....

...You realise that sometimes it's the dreams you never even knew that you had, which can come true.

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