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12 Things "Enhanced" With Radiation

There was a time when radiation was considered safe, even good for your health. Luckily, we know better now.

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Here's a fun excerpt from the book "the elements; visual exploration of every known atom in the universe" by Theodore Gray:

"In the heat of the Second World War, Allied intelligence services were freaked out by the discovery that Auergesellschaft, a German military contractor, had confiscated a huge stockpile of thorium from a company in occupied Paris and taken it back to Germany. Nuclear scientists working on the Allied bomb realized that if the Germans had figured out they needed thorium, they must be pretty far along in their own nuclear program. Actually the Germans had made pathetically little progress on the bomb. No, Auergesellschaft just had a secret plan to launch a brand of thoriated toothpaste after the war—they had hoped it would become as popular as radium toothpaste and wanted to be sure they had plenty of thorium on hand."


7. 1950's toys

Included: many alpha, gamma, and beta sources (radioactive), a geiger counter, governmental guide on "how to prospect for uranium" and many devices to play with radiation.

Not included: any protection against radiation, any warning against possible dangers of radiation.


8. Pacemakers

First models of pacemakers ran on a plutonium battery. Plutonium is also known to be the most poisonous element on earth. And its procession is totally forbidden in America.

11. Radiendocrinator

The radiendocrinator was designed to promote men's health and virility. It was made of highly concentrated radium (which is very radioactive) and then placed under your testicles. Totally unrelated fact: nowadays, radiation shields are reinforced in this special area.

12. The nuclear boy scout

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