12 Reasons Cats Make Everything Better

From chores to fashion, cats make everything better. What else do they make better? MONOPOLY. The classic game has a new cat token, and you don’t wanna miss me-owt.

1. They make wearing pants fun.

2. They're very environmentally friendly.

You never have to throw a box out ever again!

3. They tell you exactly what they want.

No passive-aggressive notes here.

4. They love helping you around the house.

5. (Even if they're the ones who messed it up in the first place.)

6. They make mirrors a whole lot more entertaining.

7. They look much cuter helping you with tech problems.

8. (But they might not actually fix the problem.)

9. They understand the importance of feng shui.

10. They don't care what you're wearing.

So they always love your look.

11. And they're always there for you after you've had a long day.

12. (Usually.)

What else do cats make better?


Although they’re better in it, rather than on it. Pick up a set with the new cat token today.

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