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Here's What The Cast Of "A Goofy Movie" Looks Like Now

After 20 years we finally catch up with the cast of A Goofy Movie.

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Max Goof

Max Goof found immediate success in the world of pro skateboarding, winning the X Games multiple years in a row and inventing the skateboarding trick "The Goof Troop." He now resides in his hometown of Spoonersville, where he runs his own skateboard park.


Roxanne enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame as a renowned top model. Following that success she launched a fragrance line for teens and now lives comfortably in the English countryside.

Robert "Bobby" Zimmeruski

Bobby specialized his craft of mixing food and sculpture allowing him to open his own fleet of food trucks making replicas of famous architecture with various food items. His terrible business acumen and lackadaisical attitude however lost him the business. He is now essentially homeless.



Stacey went on to star in a local access talk show called called Talk to Me Stacey. After five long seasons on the show she ran for mayor of Spoonersville and won by a landslide. She has been a highly influential voice to the area and has been touted as possibly the greatest political mind Spoonersville has seen thus far.

P.J. Pete

After battling his chronic anxiety and neuroses caused by his rocky relationship with his father, P.J. Pete quickly discovered he had a knack for helping others and decided to become a nurse at the Spoonerville Hospital. He lives a quiet life with his wife and three kids, and partakes in gardening for stress relief.

Peter Pete

Pete lost the photo studio after an unfortunate incident that landed him in anger management. He is currently taking a road trip across the U.S., unbeknownst to his parole officer, in an attempt to keep his anger in check.

Goofy Goof

A call from pop superstar Powerline, in 2004, brought Goofy out of retirement, and he accepted a new position as head choreographer for the Powerline team. His phenomenal work during this time put him in high demand of various pop musicians today choreographing numerous memorable numbers including Katy Perry's halftime show at the Super Bowl and all of Taylor Swift's dance numbers at award shows.


After the discovery of Bigfoot by the Goofs, The government stepped in to make that patch of wooded area a national park. Bigfoot is now listed as an endangered species and is studied by numerous scientists across the world. Countless expeditions are being made to find a female bigfoot, in an attempt to stop the species from dying out.


After his masterful pop hit "Eye to Eye," Powerline failed to produce another hit record, causing his management team to abandon ship. Years later he rebranded his pop stardom alter ego and emerged under a new name with a different sound. As of late Powerline, now Bruno Mars, has found much success in the music industry. He is set to embark on a world tour this coming summer, hopefully this time fans who knew him as Powerline will get a chance to hear his classic singles "Eye to Eye" and "Standout."