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How Did You And Your BFF Meet?

You've got a friend in me.

Meeting your BFF is a life changing moment.

The most incredible, world-turning, mind-shattering moment that no one is a part of except you and your bestie.

Sometimes the connection is instantaneous.

Other times, the friendship has a bit of a rocky start.

But the truth remains, best friends are like the soul mates you never knew you needed.

So how exactly did you meet your BFF?

Were you biffles from birth?

Or did you meet much later, in a way that felt like you were definitely destined to meet.

Maybe you saved them from the ultimate humiliation and you were friends ever since.

Or were you both equally embarrassing and that was the undeniable bond holding you two together?

Whatever the case, you're just glad you met because no one get's you like they do.

So tell us in the comments how did you and your BFF meet?