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How Did You And Your BFF Meet?

You've got a friend in me.

Meeting your BFF is a life changing moment.

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The most incredible, world-turning, mind-shattering moment that no one is a part of except you and your bestie.

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Sometimes the connection is instantaneous.

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Other times, the friendship has a bit of a rocky start.

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But the truth remains, best friends are like the soul mates you never knew you needed.

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So how exactly did you meet your BFF?

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Were you biffles from birth?

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Or did you meet much later, in a way that felt like you were definitely destined to meet.

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Maybe you saved them from the ultimate humiliation and you were friends ever since.

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Or were you both equally embarrassing and that was the undeniable bond holding you two together?

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Whatever the case, you're just glad you met because no one get's you like they do.

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So tell us in the comments how did you and your BFF meet?

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