24 Famous Canadian Exports We Should All Be Thankful For

    O Canada!

    We can thank Canada for a great many things.

    Mad props Canada, we owe you one.

    But what we're most grateful for (like really grateful for) are all the beautiful faces that hail from Canada.

    1. Damn Canada!

    2. How can so many of you...

    3. ...come from one place?

    4. Seriously though.

    5. Break me off a piece a' dat!

    6. Is it something in the water?

    7. Or in the air?

    8. What exactly are you giving these people?

    9. And can I have some?

    10. You have the cute, awkward types.

    11. Not to mention the ruggedly handsome.

    12. As well as the absolutely gorgeous.

    13. And that's fine.

    14. No complaints here.

    15. Fess up, Canada!

    16. What's your secret?

    17. How are you doing it?

    18. Don't hold out on us now.

    19. We're picking up the vibes you're putting down.

    20. And let me tell you, whatever you're doing...

    21. ...it's working.

    22. It's working real well.

    23. And for that, we thank you.

    24. God bless you Canada!