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    What "The Avengers" Would Have Been Like If Wes Anderson Directed It

    The Assemblage Of Indomitable Champions!

    Obviously the title would be much fancier.

    The casting decisions would include more familiar faces to the "Wes Anderson brand."

    One of the main characters would get statement facial hair.

    There would be a mandatory layout of all the items our heroes have on hand at any given moment.

    The costume department would be sure to create suits comprised of only the quirkiest pieces.

    And Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch would be wearing matching track suits.

    The color scheme would be perfectly unified.

    There would definitely be an awkward, forbidden romance of some sort.

    And there would be at least one forced family photo.

    Not to mention the symmetry, which would be through the roof.

    One thing would be the same though, they would still be the coolest super hero team this side of the universe.

    Thumbnail image courtesy of Marvel Studios