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      This does not look like your average acne break out, it almost certainly looks like a Herpes Simplex outbreak! Notice that the outbreak are on the first layer of skin, very close together, they are swollen and the pus is crusty and yellow-orange and, I assume that they completely cleaned her face post-pus drainage, herpes tends to weep puss for a while after an extraction. The most tell-tale sign of a herpes outbreak is that it happened with most severity under the chin, which is where the skin is the thinnest and where people tend to touch the most often (wiping your mouth after you eat or drink etc.).  If this sort of outbreak happens to anyone, I urge you to get tested immediately. Herpes isn’t only a sexually transmitted disease but can be passed quite easily from one host to another through simple contact.  Even if this happens to not be herpes, she (and others who are experiencing such a random outbreak) should get a skin scraping and also a urinalysis and blood test right away. Any out of the ordinary conditions like this should be looked at and treated very seriously just in case it turns into a serious staph infection or even worse, MRSA!

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    • MoniqueMoreau

      Jeez, good luck kid. Good luck havingaMother who automatically assumes the worst, blames society and then posts about it on the internet.Ireally wish the Mother would have written in further detail about her daughter’s side of the story. Sure, we discover that the girl heard about diets because her friend is on one but we don’t really find out if the daughter has an unhealthy body image, is afraid of becoming fat in the future, or just wants to encourage her friend by joining her on that diet.
      I’m surprised thatawoman who supposedly hasadegree in Early Childhood Development (mentioned on the original article) would ignore that young children have depth beyond society’s control and just assume that her daughter must already have the same unhealthy body image thata14 year old would have. Of course, we wouldn’t know otherwise because it isn’t clear whether this was even addressed with the child.
      Ireally hope she discussed nutrition with her daughter, too. This kid should not be allowed to go on thinking that3apples,1pear and2kiwi fruit isasubstitute forahealthy, varied, nutritional diet.3apples?! That’s way too many apples.

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