Premiere: OnCue Recreates Internet Memes In Music Video For "No Way"

    Rapper OnCue becomes Justin Bieber and Willy Wonka in his meme-orable music video.

    Brooklyn-based rapper OnCue has the hefty weight of a major co-sign on his shoulders: from Jay-Z and Eminem producer Just Blaze, who worked on the entirety of OnCue's mixtape.

    The "next level" happens to be a meme-filled music video: "I was just surfing the net and I saw a meme and thought to myself, 'That's easy as hell to recreate,'" OnCue told BuzzFeed News in an email. "I called [director] Hunter Lyon with the idea."

    "He picked my initial ideas apart, pointing out flaws, and that's when I remembered this short film that takes place all on a kid's computer called Noah. During the whole process I kept saying to everyone involved, 'How has no one thought of this yet?'"

    OnCue trawls through years of internet imagery as he raps about personal hardships and goals, NSFW activities, and Boy Meets World.

    Even fellow musicians feature prominently in "No Way," as OnCue does a great job of recreating Justin Bieber's notably "rough week"/near assault of a paparazzo.

    How many memes do you recognize? Buy "No Way" on iTunes, download his Angry Young Man mixtape on his website, and watch his "No Way" video below.

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