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O.T. Genasis Debuts A New Music Video For "CoCo"

He's in love with the upgrades.

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If you spent more than a minute on Vine in 2014, you've heard O.T. Genasis' "CoCo" a few hundred times.

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The ~timeless~ ode to nose candy was accompanied by a pretty basic music video (above), which has already racked up over 43 million YouTube views.

But now O.T. Genasis, armed with a bigger budget, has come out with a music video filled with all the necessities: a sprawling mansion, expensive cars, and women. Lots of them.

Let's compare and contrast the two.


The Winner: Version two.

Conglomerate Records / Via

Though it is a bit of an unfair competition, what with the second version's mansion, cars and bikini-clad women, it is the definite winner in this showdown. And how could it lose with the baking soda creation featured at the very end of the video?

Our suggestion for a third version? A homemade winter-themed version in which O.T. Genasis takes a cue from Vine and warms up a mug of hot coco(a.)