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    This Woman's Ballad For The Cadbury Creme Egg Goes Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty

    Boo Detch has created the perfect song to cope with the loss of the original Cadbury Creme Egg recipe.

    Singer-songwriter Boo Detch has created the perfect elegy for the original Cadbury Creme Egg; simply titled "Cadbury Creme Egg Song," Detch sings a piano-led ballad to mark the passing of the recipe, with the question "why do you have to go and change?"

    Mostly shot in black and white and marked by scenes of Detch crying on a bed beside an unwrapped Cadbury Creme Egg, "Cadbury Creme Egg Song" is a humorous portrayal of the strong reactions of #cremeegggate.

    "The song originally came about to make my friends laugh. I am notorious in my group for LOVING Cadbury Creme Eggs—every Easter I tell everyone to raid the shelves at stores so I can have them throughout the year," Detch told BuzzFeed News in an email.

    "The video may have been a little melodramatic, but it came from a truthful place," Detch went on to say.

    "I do find a bit of comfort knowing that the American recipe will stay the same. I feel guilty about it, however. It's not fair to the people in the UK who are having a classic candy changed," Detch said.

    While the American formula will stay the same, the UK formula has changed the number of eggs per box from six to five, and swapped out the original recipe's Dairy Milk for "standard cocoa mix chocolate," a Cadbury representative told The Sun. "I've made so many friends in the UK through this experience, that I may have to boycott in support of them," Detch said.

    Detch's video has already gained traction in the UK, Australia, and Ireland. Listen to the humorous song in full below.

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